The Disney International College Program

It is a long time ago that I posted my last blog. My last blog was about me having my interview with Sue for an internship at Walt Disney World. I got accepted for the program and went to Walt Disney World from July 2015 until January 2016. Two months ago, in January, I flew back to the Netherlands and now I want to share my experiences.


First of all I want to tell you where I worked and what my duties were. I will also tell you why this experience is such an amazing experience.

During my time in Walt Disney World I worked in two different roles and in a few different locations. I worked three months in Quick Service Food and Beverage in Electric Umbrella en three months in Merchandise in TestTrack, Mission Space, Club Cool and Pin Central. These are all different locations in Epcot.

In Electric Umbrella my duties were: selling food and beverages and taking and filling orders. Furthermore I was preparing food items and I had to clean the restaurant. During my three months in Merchandise my duties were: demonstrating and selling merchandise, stocking and cleaning shelves and preparing packages for shipping. This sounds as an easy job, but fellow Cast Members can definitely confirm that it is not. Work was difficult some days, but all your friends at work were there to make it a better day. They do not only make magic for the guests, they also make magic for each other.


There are a few different things that make this program an amazing experience. During the program you will live in a Disney apartment, travel with Disney transport (and Transtar) and work in Disney locations. That means everything in your life will be Disney, but that is okay, because you will mostly feel magical.

In these Disney apartments you will live together with people from all around the world. You will learn about new cultures and about other countries. My roommates were from Germany, Great Britain, Morocco and The United States. We definitely had different norms and values and that makes it challenging to live with all these different nationalities. But you will mostly learn about other cultures and their norms and values. You have to be open to it and you have to, but at least try to, understand. If you are open to these other cultures you will make friends with people from all around the world.

Your life will be Disney, as I said before. You will live in a magical world full with magical people. The first time walking into one of the Disney Parks will make you feel like you are home. Everything is soo overwhelming and your heart will be filled with so much love for The Walt Disney Company.

You will also get to explore the Disney Parks, where you do not work, during your days off. You will go to all the different events, like Halloween, Food and Wine, Christmas and New Years. You will get to try all the amazing food (especially during Food and Wine) Disney offers and you will see the (firework) shows multiple times. Every time you visit a park you will explore new things. Disney is filled with details and you will keep seeing new things.


In short, the Disney College Program is an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to everyone who loves to work hard, work with guests and loves to meet new people from all around the world.





Walt Disney World


Two weeks ago I had an interview with Sue, a Disney international recruiter. The week after the interview, I received a mail with an offer to be a cast member of Walt Disney World from July till January. I am very excited about this offer!

Would you like to know everything about my journey to Walt Disney World? Take a look at my blog about this journey!

The blog about my Disney experience is written in Dutch. 


Since September, 8 students of International Lifestyle Studies and I have been working on our company. The service we have developed is named ‘Gaargekookt’.


Gaargekookt brings people together due to a dinner. At Gaargekookt you can find people who can prepare all kind of dishes. These people will prepare this meal at their homes and they will bring it to your house. The only thing you have to do is to pay for your meal and the meal of your cook and to wait for the meal being delivered. You have the option to eat the meal together with the cook or you can eat alone.

For more information you can follow our Facebook page!

Charge your phone!

Imagine you’re on a trip and you have to charge your telephone, but there isn’t any power point near you. The brand Princess comes with a solution:  two suitcases with USB ports.

The first trolley is made of 100% PET-material and this means the trolley is made of recycled bottles. PET is also ultralight, sustainable, environmentally friendly and durable. On the suitcase, there is a compact charger, which can charge your phone for almost 6 hours. Furthermore several devices can be connected at the same time.

power pod 3

The other suitcase is made of ABS material, so this one is scratch-resistant. This trolley can charge your phone for almost 3 hours. Solar power charges the battery and supplements the power source so that the battery lasts longer. You can attach the charger on the suitcase with a strong magnet, this means that the charger can be used apart from the suitcase too. The trolley is ultralight, which allows you to take more free kilo of luggage with you on your trip.

power pod Power pod 2

Due to these two suitcases power is always available! This innovation is a easy solution for charging your phone while traveling. 

Products are thinking for us

There are more and more products that are helping us in and around home. Products are thinking for us. It does not matter if you forget something anymore, because the product itself has a solution for it. I have selected a few products, which I wanted to share with you.

We all know the feeling that you enter a toilet and there is no toilet paper anymore. Take a restaurant as example. The owner and his or her employees do not know that there is no toilet paper left in the toilet. It is possible to keep an eye on it, but it is also possible to use Rollscout, because no one wants getting stuck in a bathroom with no toilet paper.

Rollscout is a smart toilet paper holder that helps people remembering that there is no toilet paper anymore. It is possible to connect it with your smartphone and get an alert when you are running out of toilet paper.


Pikaplant is useable as a room divider or as a greenwall. But that is not the only thing that is nice about PikaPlant. As long as the water tank is filled, the system gives water to the plants which are standing on it. The system knows precisely when the plants need water, so you only have to check the water reservoir.

Pikaplant has also thought about the environment. This device does not need any electricity


Skybell is a doorbell that let you answer who ever is at the door wether you are home or not. Skybell includes a camera, microphone, speakers and WiFi. You can see and hear the people who are standing at your front door, even if you are not at home. It is also possible to have a conversation with your visitors.

It is not possible to open your door from a distance with Skybell. Skybell will be useable in any number of situations.


Of course there are a lot more examples of smart product that help you in and around your house. In the future we will use more of these kind of products. They are helping us to make our life easier, so anyone with a house can have a great advantage from these products.

Tinder Test

For those who do not know what Tinder is: Tinder is a matchmaking mobile app. The application connects people with their Facebook profiles, so you can see their photos, age and interests. Using GPS technology, users can set a specific radius, and they will have the option to match with anyone that is within that distance.

In this video you will see a shocking experiment with Tinder dates. The boys who wanted to date the girl are totally shocked, because she does not look like the photos they saw on Tinder. All boys will talk for a while, but some will walk away after a few minutes. Only one boy gives her a chance to let her see who she really is.

This video wants to make clear that people do not have to judge someones look. In fact, for all of us, the look of someone does matter, but you can’t judge people because of their outside. You have to give people a chance to show you their inside.

Mon voyage avec école

Last week I visited Paris with school. As you maybe already know, I am studying International Lifestyle Studies. During this study I will learn everything about trendwatching and concepting. These two things were the main themes during my trip.

The first day we went to Maison and Object, a huge design fair. Before we arrived our teachers told us that we would not find the newest innovations this day, but I did find a few new things and I will tell you about one of them. 

The one I will tell about is MOMENTum. MOMENTum is a basin filled with water. This water is controlled by a computer, which can move bubbles through it. You can stare at it very long and you will forget the time passing by. Due to this invention you can get in a flow, which means that you don’t have conscience of time.  

The next day we had to walk through the streets of Paris. We had to find new and innovative things. Like an innovative restaurant, shop, building or design. Of course we have seen a lot of cool things. But in this blog I will tell you about one of the cool things I saw in Paris. 

I want you to know about one of the cool things I saw near the Sacre Coeur. It was a very nice restaurant whit notes on the walls. For the visitors of this restaurant it was possibile to leave a note on the walls. The owner of this restaurant did not ask his visitors to do this, they just do it. Actually it is possible to leave a part of you in the restaurant, so you can ’make it your own’.


In Paris I have seen a lot of new and innovative things, so I can’t tell you about all of them. But I will blog about few of these things in the future, so keep reading my blog if you are interested about it.